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Polynomial & Math Calculator: Mates8

Mathematical expression parser and evaluator

  Mates8 is the downloadable version of the Online Polynomial and Scientific Calculator.

Mates8 features:

» Basic arithmetic and polynomial operations (-,+,*,/,^,%), including GCD
» finds polynomials roots, of real or complex coefficients, 
» does multivariable polynomial division,
» Lagrangian interpolation and
» basic matrix operations (-,+,*,/,^).
» May obtain the inverse matrix, 
» cofactor,
» adjoint,
» transpose matrix,
» echelon form,
» Jordan form,
» eigenvalues,
» eigenvectors, and
» the determinant of an invertible matrix of real, complex, polynomial or expression entries.
» Performs derivatives using Euler's notation, e.g.: Dx(sin(x));
» Jacobian;
» approximates the exponential matrix (e.g. exp(1,cos(x)|0,1)=(2.718..,2.718...*cos(x)|0,2.718...))
» Resolves linear, when compatible and determinate or indeterminate,
» as non linear system of equations.
» Also, is capable of bounded definite integrals,
» inmediate,
» trigonometric or
» partial fractions integration -quotients of polynomials integration- and
» integration by parts.
» Solve some ordinary first order differential equations with or without specifying the initial condition.
» Approximates first order diff. eqs. by Euler's method specifying the initial condition.

  Mates8 intends to be an improved version of previous Mates2-Mates6 calculators.

  Full (and free) source code download.
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Updated: 2022/03/05
Download: Polynomial & Scientific Calculator (v8.4.194)Polynomial & Scientific Calculator (v8.4.194)
Download: Polynomial & Scientific Calculator's full source code (v8.3.192)Polynomial & Scientific Calculator's full source code (v8.3.192)
Updated: 2024/06/26
Download: Math10 Computer Algebra System (CAS calculator)Math10 Computer Algebra System (CAS calculator)
Download: Math10 CAS Calculator full source codeMath10 CAS Calculator full source code
Download: Math10 User GuideMath10 User Guide
Updated: 2021/02/23 (v8.3.192)
Download: Polyn. & Sci. Calculator's .dll library for .Net programmingPolyn. & Sci. Calculator's .dll library for .Net programming
Also, contains .tbl file for Visual Basic 6.
Download: Test Project for .Net programmingTest Project for .Net programming
Download: to RPN converter (ASP.NET)to RPN converter (ASP.NET)

Polyn. & Sci. Calc. Download

Polynomial Calculator in Excel Workbook

Polynomial calculator, coded in VB.NET; Renewed math parser and evaluator, extensive use of Regex. Free source code contains Complex, Vector, Matrix and more revised classes. Full source code download.

Last update: 2021/02/23 (v8.3.192)

Excel Workbook.

Excel Workbook

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Source code


Windipoles is a free passive filter simulator. It is a Windows .NET executable, so no software installation is required and works in Win32 and Win64 machines. It enables design, analysis, optimizations and plots, all graphically. While component values are changed, graphic windows are updated instantly. Graphics may show, overlapped, more than one network for comparing purposes. Also, synthesizes Butterworth, Bessel, Chebyshev (types I & II), and Cauer (elliptic) filters. Windipoles has a help .chm file. Also it does not connect to internet and needs no special rights to execute.
Current version is
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Winfonts displays fonts of characters (installed or not in Windows).

Ver. 1.0.2




Current local time and date in every time zone.
Last update: 2014/04/29

Add a new clock (time zone) by selecting a row.Select a row (i.e. the entire row, not a specific column) clicking on the left-most of the row. Multiple rows selection is possible clicking while control key (or shift key) is pressed: just like in Windows' Explorer ( Works in any Windows version >= "Win2000". For versions prior to XP SP2 be sure .NETv2.0 framework is installed or install the framework.

Timezones image

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PdfSharp and Excel reporting sample

A VStudio Express 2013 for Web project

The .vb file names ending in "pdf" invoke pdfsharp.dll. The ones ending in "xls" correspond to the "pdf" ones with same sufix and the output format is an Excel Workbook. Note there are two font files (.ttf) to ensure the .pdf file contains embedded the required font. You'll need to change the paths, the web reference, fields and anything else required to your needs.

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Execute Macros In Word Documents In Folder

Execute existent Macros in all Word Documents that are placed inside a same folder.

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Last update: 2022/02/21

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