Quick Start to Polynomials & Scientific Calculator

If there is any previous data, click on Clear All to clear, avoiding possible errors.

So, the page should look like:

Now, suppose you are told to add 1234 + 5678 + 9012. As one may expect, a polynomial calculator does the same as an ordinary calculator, plus more. To solve 1234 + 5678 + 9012 write this mathematical expression in the left box and click on Calculate:

Once the calculation is completed the answer will appear at the end:

Realize, the preceeding works the same for most of the math problems the calculator can manage. Replace the above mentioned 1234 + 5678 + 9012 by, for example, (2*x+5)*(3*x-2). Proceed similarly and the answer will be the result of the product of two polynomials.

Likewise, replacing by 10 - 10 * sqr(x) = 0, the answer will exhibit the solution to one equation.

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